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Period: Historical exhibits

Clay model of circular building

Archanes. c. 810 BC This model of a circular building from Archanes, probably a shrine or a tomb, is unique of its kind. It was previously in the Giamalakis Collection. Although it is dated to the Geometric period, it preserves many elements of Minoan cult. Through the doorway, which was closed by a separate door …

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Funerary stele of young archer

Agia Pelagia. 450-425 BC Towards the end of the 6th century BC, relief funerary stelae appeared on Crete. These are flat stone slabs used as grave markers, on the pattern of the Attic stelae. This marble funerary stele of a young archer is crowned with a pediment and plain acroteria at the upper corners. A …

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Bronze “tympanon”

Idaean Cave. 730 – 680 BC The shields from the Idaean Cave, among the finest masterpieces of the ancient world, are dated to the 8th and 7th centuries BC and adorned with incised and embossed scenes. They were deposited in the cave as votives, together with a wealth of other offerings, including exceptional examples of …

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Hymn of the Curetes inscription

Palaikastro, Temple of Dictaean Zeus. 6th-4th c. BC (text of the 4th-3rd c. BC inscribed in the 3rd c. AD) The sanctuary and temple of Dictaean Zeus was founded on the ruins of the prehistoric city of Palaikastro in the early Historical period. Here was found the inscription with the so-called Hymn of the Curetes, …

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Bronze cut-out plaque

Sanctuary of Hermes and Aphrodite, Syme Viannos. 690 – 670 BC The sanctuary of Syme in Viannos, set in a wooded landscape in the Dicte mountain range, was in continuous use for almost 2,500 years, from 2000 BC to the 7th century AD. From its foundation as an open-air sanctuary in Minoan times to the …

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