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Knossos, Palace. 1400 - 1350/1300 BC

Evans named this young woman depicted in profile on a fresco fragment “La Parisienne”. She is probably a priestess, as she is wearing a “sacral knot” on her back. The “sacral knot”, a long strip of cloth tied in a noose, appears in various religious scenes, often attached to the garments of priestly figures. “La Parisienne” forms part of the larger composition known as the “Camp Stool Fresco” or the “Libation Fresco”, depicting men and women in a ceremonial banqueting scene. This particular piece was named “La Parisienne” shortly after its discovery, because the face of the young priestess with her white skin, bright red lips, large black eyes, shapely eyebrows and elaborate hairstyle with wavy locks was reminiscent of elegant Parisian ladies of the early 20th century, when Paris was the centre of fashion, good taste and the arts.
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